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Fortnightly review with Laura Grace

Published 6 months ago 22nd February 2022 by Laura Grace

What is a career coach, who do they help, what do they offer and who would benefit from utilising their services? A good career coach will help you, guide you and support you – they cannot do it for you. They can help teach you strategies on how to create a compelling CV and how to present yourself at interview and negotiate your worth and sell yourself accordingly.

Are you feeling unfulfilled in your current role? Have you applied to multiple jobs without success? Are you questioning your career journey and perhaps want to move paths? Do you want to switch industries or job roles altogether? If you said yes to any of these questions, you might want to hire a career coach to help.

A career coach should be able to teach you the strategies how to write your CV. Throughout your career you will have to update your CV and continually sell yourself, so you should take lessons from a coach. You should be meeting with a career coach and talking through your CV together and taking advice how to make it stand out! A career coach can help you layout your CV and advise what areas to focus on and how to fill the space within the CV but they cannot write it for you. Think of it like this, you have done the job so you should be the person to fully explain the highlights of the job on your CV.

Career coaches also help professionals leverage their experience and skills to find new ways to apply these skills to future endeavours. So, if you know someone who got help in this area, be sure to ask by whom?

Some coaches have different areas of focus, such as working only with executives, graduates or professionals transitioning in their careers. It’s worth asking your coach about their type of experience, and where they achieve their best results, for example I have worked helping multiple graduates and those upskilling to transition into a new industry or job. Which means I see great results from people entering the world of work or a new industry entirely.

A coach helps you stay on track with your goals, explore options, and handle different elements of a job search – including rejection. They can help you get “unstuck” and create a focus in your job search. There is absolutely a process involved to work out what’s important to you, it is not a coach’s job to tell you what job to do but instead work with you to marry your skills and passion. To find a coach to help you navigate what is important to you, be sure to get recommendations from friends or peers.

A coach can also help keep you on track, to work towards long-term dream careers and ensure what you are currently doing in your job today is leading you closer to that dream job tomorrow. Every job move you make should be strategic, well thought about and always be considering your future hopes and career dreams, a coach can help you plan your move.

Many people assume a career coach is only beneficial after you have submitted multiple job applications and have exhausted all other options and are in desperate need of a job. While this would be a great time to have a career coach, these individuals can help you at many other career crossroads. Whether you’re just fresh out of school or college and unsure which path to take, or you’re keen to chase a new passion and ready to progress in your career, getting an outside perspective from a professional can be extremely helpful.

Sometimes we find it hard to truly know our own value when we are doing the same thing every day – but the truth lies in that very sentence. Doing the same thing day in, day out leads you to become an expert in your field. A career coach can help you see your potential and your worth so you can level up and find a job that appreciates your degree of expertise. Trust me, once you unlock that knowledge you will present yourself in a different light on paper and your interview will take a completely new approach.
Whether you are in a job and looking for a career change, unemployed or feeling a bit lost in your career check out my Instagram page @To_whomthismayconcern and together we can navigate your career journey and get you on the right path.

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