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Anti-Social Behaviour leaves resident mentally damaged

Published 2 months ago 19th November 2021 by Jamie O’Flaherty

A Clonmel resident says he’s been left emotionally damaged after a number of attacks on his home.
Noel Conway, Glenaleamy, Powerstown, says the walls of his house have been desecrated and he has been bombarded with fire crackers.

On another occasion while out walking his dog, a driver of a jeep mounted the footpath missing him by inches.
“I’ve been verbally abused in my home and in my car and have had lights flashed at me when I was going to my sister’s funeral. The peers of my house have been spat at and urinated on and the back wiper of my car has been broken off.
It started out as verbal intimidation and then they called to my home looking for money and refused to leave my premises until they were given something.”

Noel told The Premier that on another occasion while attending mass at Powerstown Church the culprits have shouted his name into the church.
“What must people have been thinking? Things have died down a little lately but the fear is that they’ll come back. My house was broken into on two occasions. The culprit was found on the first burglary but I have a constant fear that they will return again.

It is a worry and a concern going forward. My lawn has also been visited, they trampled over my bedding plants and hedging. Whenever I am about to leave my house now I say a prayer to Jesus that everything will be intact when I return.

These attacks have left me emotionally damaged. I can only compare it to being hit with a hurley, the injury will heal but the scar will remain. I feel like these attacks have left me scarred for life. I am psychologically damaged, the reason I am highlighting this is because people in town don’t know that this is happening. The only councillor to help me was the late Tom Ambrose. There is a fear factor here, I hope some day it passes because this is my home, I grew up here but I have a major fear that the next attack is just around the corner,” said Mr Conway.

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