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Jackie Cahill

Published 4 months ago 25th September 2021 by Editor

Tipperary Town IDA Landbank Raised in Dáil

The lack of available zoned land in Tipperary Town for local businesses and enterprises, and the IDA’s recent decision to put a portion of their zoned landbank in the town up for sale was raised recently in the Dáil by Fianna Fáil

T.D. Jackie Cahill. Cahill called on the Minister of State in the Department of Enterprise, Damien English to intervene in this issue so that it might be resolved for the betterment of Tipperary Town, its economy and local businesses.

Cahill was critical of the IDA and their management of their zoned land in the town. He said that the IDA had previously sold part of their portfolio in Tipperary Town and that he is working with three business owners in the town to secure space for expansion.

According to Cahill, despite the best endeavours of Tipperary County Council and others, the IDA has refused to transfer these lands to the local authority and instead put the lands on the open market.

Speaking in the Dáil, Deputy Cahill said:

“We have one business in Tipperary Town in particular that’s expanding rapidly, and I was in his yard a couple of weeks ago and the cramped conditions they are working in are unbelievable.

“A number of years ago there was a budding employer in Tipperary Town and he faced obstacles and found it impossible to get the infrastructure that he needed. He ended up relocating to a different town with a loss of jobs to the Tipperary Town economy.

Cahill continued to say that “we just can’t allow this to happen in Tipperary Town this time. The employer I visited has over 50 employed at the moment with plans to expand further and the asking price and conditions that the IDA have put on the piece of land that would be suitable for him make it economically unviable for him to relocate there.

“As I said, the County Council have been heavily involved in this, and the Enterprise Board also. This is critical for the commercial life of the town. To lose an employer of that size in Tipperary Town would be disastrous.”

Deputy Cahill has also written to the Tánaiste, Leo Varadkar this week in relation to this issue to ask him to intervene and ensure this key landbank is made available for the benefit of the people of Tipperary Town, local businesses and local employers.

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