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Jobs4Tipp Meet With Minister Damien English

Published 4 months ago 24th September 2021 by Caitriona Kenny

Minister TD Damien English met with Jobs 4 Tipp representatives at the Tipperary Digital Hub, Tipperary Technology Park, Rosanna Road, Tipperary Town.

It was the second meeting for Jobs 4 Tipp with Minister English who is the current Minister of State for Business, Employment and Retail.

Jobs4Tipp at a recent meeting with TD Minister Damien English Minister of State for Business, Employment and Retail Chairperson of Jobs4Tipp Seamus Clarke, Siobhán Hyland Ryan (Secretary), TD Minister Damien English Jobs4Tipp representative on the Tipperary Town Revitalisation Task Force (T.T.R.T.F.) and Morgan Mooney Jobs4Tipp (Treasurer)

“We spoke with the Minister about our ongoing progress and success with the Digital Hub, Remote Working Initiatives and Co-working space,” said Chairperson Seamus Clarke. “Also on the agenda was the progress of the Tipperary Town Revitalisation Taskforce that Minister English gave the go-ahead back in 2018. It was good to inform him of the increased positive perception of Tipperary towns image, the ongoing issues with the N24 through our main street and the pitfalls of not having a timely agreed solution to this ongoing issue.”

“We also highlighted the deprivation levels, job creation and job retention in Tipperary town, business development strategies, proposed RRDF, Town Centre first initiatives and investments,” added Seamus.

The Tipp Digital Hub was created by Jobs for Tipp in order to provide a facility which will allow people work or start a business locally in Tipperary town and generate incremental spending in the area. Tipp Digital Hub opened for business in October 2019 at Tipperary Technology Park, Tipperary town. The Hub is a non-commercial venture run by volunteers from Jobs4Tipp.

Tipperary County Council have been very supportive of the Hub in terms of initial funding and on-going guidance.

The Tipp Digital Hub facility offers seven desk spaces for rent on a daily basis or for a planned period of time. Users of the Hub avail of a high specification open plan office space with associated support facilities.

Occupancy of the Hub has been good since opening. The timing of providing a remote working facility has been fortunate in coinciding with the significant move towards remote working as a result of Covid restrictions.

As businesses and individuals are now tending to move away from locating in congested cities, Tipperary County Council in conjunction with Tipp Digital Hub are about to embark on a significant development at Tipperary Technology Park. With primary funding for the new venture coming from Enterprise Ireland, a large section of the building will be refurbished and designed as a multiservice centre for enterprise. This will provide space for new

companies to locate their business in Tipperary town and also expand the hot-desking offering for Tipp Digital Hub.

Jobs4Tipp are excited about this investment at the Tipperary Technology Park and are delighted to see their digital Hub initiative moving on to the next level as a business enterprise centre with its associated potential to generate new jobs and spending in the community.

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