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Leah Receives National Award for Genetics Essay

Published 5 months ago 11th September 2021 by Caitriona Kenny

St Anne’s Secondary School student Leah Carew is delighted to win a National Award for her Genetics Essay.
Leah Carey who won National award for genetics essay. Photo: Caitriona Kenny

To celebrate DNA Day 2021 the Irish Society of Human Genetics hosted a competition for all students aged 14-19. Students were asked to write an essay or produce a video on the theme, “We can now sequence the genome of all life forms, from viruses to bacteria….what could be the point of this?’

For the competition, Leah currently a 6th year student in St Anne’s Secondary School, wrote an essay entitled ‘The Genetic Sequencing of CYP2D6 and its benefits for codeine therapy’. In this essay, Leah explored the metabolic ability of the enzyme CYP2D6 in breaking down the analgesic drug codeine, to provide patients with the best pain relief. From there, Leah proposed a retrospective study to identify patients’ different genetic abilities to breakdown codeine.

Leah was thrilled to be awarded 2nd prize in this prestigious national competition and a cheque for €250. St Anne’s Principal John Cullinane, complimented Leah on her enthusiasm and diligence saying, “The school is very proud of her wonderful achievement – well done.”

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