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High School welcomes its incoming 1st years

Published 5 months ago 11th September 2021 by Editor

What a wonderful sight to behold as 140 young 1st years walked through the gates of the High School for the first time on Friday, 27th August.

Both management and staff were present to warmly welcome the beaming and excited young students as they embark on the next stage of their educational journey. The transition from Primary School to Secondary School takes time but the students were relieved to hear that everything possible will be done to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible.

The students can now look forward to their days filled with a variety of new subjects including English, Irish, Maths, Science, Business Studies, History, Geography, Classical Studies, Materials Technology Wood, Technical Graphics, Technology, German, French, Art, Music, PE, Religion, SPHE, CSPE and Life Skills. They will have the opportunity to make many new friends and enjoy new experiences.

The highly skilled and professional staff are fully committed to helping these new students develop academically, personally, spiritually, physically and creatively, while also continuing to maintain the professional and successful management of Covid 19.

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