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Published 11 months ago 11th September 2021 by Laura Grace

We live in a fastpaced world, there is no great surprise that careers today look very different to that of a few decades ago. We are no longer confined to one career path, instead we get to set off on a journey with multiple destinations.

I am a true believer that you can be more than just one thing in this lifetime and I am not the only one, right across the world there is a shift, lifetime employment at a single job is a relic of the past. Like life, careers are nonlinear, the modern career trajectory isn’t necessarily to climb to the top but rather a continuum. Fulfilment seems to be replacing security and I kind of like it!
On the note of our world being fast paced, the average Hiring manager spends as little as 6 seconds reading a CV before deciding whether that person is fit for the job! Imagine that you have just 6 seconds to make a great first impression and to be considered for your dream job!

This worries me and makes my heart heavy, for those wonderful graduates who have so much to offer the world and leave college after spending 75% of their life in the education system, have no work experience to add to their CV and struggle when it comes to presenting themselves at an interview, let alone stand out in 6 seconds. I have heard many times from graduates who are experts in their discipline – “I feel so lost”.

Knowledge is key and every fortnight I want to share with you the knowledge that I have learned over the past 10 years from working with recruitment giants, managing contractors,
leading multi-million- euro projects and working with key stakeholders of large enterprises but most importantly 10 years of helping people begin, transition, and navigate their careers. My true passion, helping those who feel lost understand their worth and what they have to offer the world and equip them with the confidence and self- belief to take steps to find a career filled with passion and purpose.

I do this by seeing everyone, although to the graduate the Hiring Manager who potentially skims over their CV for 6 seconds may seem intimidating and maybe even unfair. But I see the Hiring Manager I understand the demands of their job. A Hiring Manager can be hiring for multiple positions at any given time, their inbox is likely to be full of applications as well as all the other pressures of their role. Sitting down with a cup of tea reading each CV cover to cover is stuff of dreams.

Let me talk you through what those 6 seconds look like for a Hiring Manager – briefly the Hiring Manager is likely looking out for job titles, company names and dates to ensure you are progressing in your career.

Now let me tell you how you make those 6 seconds count – your professional statement! Your professional statement is a powerful overview of who you are and what you are at professionally. It allows you to talk directly to a Hiring Manager and tell them why you are the perfect fit for the role. It is typically a paragraph in length and sits on the very top of your CV directly under your contact details.

You need to make the Hiring Managers job easy, and you want them to read on, so the information you include in your professional statement needs to be 100% relative to what the Hiring Manager is looking for. By tailoring your professional statement for each job, you apply for and match your skills and abilities to what is being requested in the job description will be music to their ears, it will turn those 6 seconds into 12 seconds and land you an interview!

Think of your professional statement like the synopsis of a book. You wouldn’t walk into a bookstore and pick up just any book and buy it, most likely you would flip that book on its back and read the synopsis to learn whether it meets your requirements and what you are looking for in a book. Your professional statement is much the same it’s a synopsis of your work experience, skills, and educational accomplishments. They all need to be relevant to the job description for you to progress to interview stage.

Your professional statement needs to be full of self- belief, confidence, and enthusiasm. You need to believe in yourself and your capabilities to allow others to believe in you. A little secret I am going to share with you to help make this easier for you, the Hiring Manager wants you to be awesome, they want you to be the perfect fit and they want to give you the job and hey maybe then they might be able to sit down and have a cup of tea!

Check out my Instagram page To_whomthismayconcern for personal statement examples as well as an abundance of careers advice.

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