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Unsung Heroes Working Hard to Promote Tipperary Town

Published 12 months ago 29th August 2021 by Caitriona Kenny

The brainchild of Tipperary Town citizen Brendan Lonergan, the Tipp Town Facebook page has served the people and businesses of Tipperary town with loyalty and integrity since it’s humble beginnings on July 4, 2016.

A simple idea with great intentions, the Tipp Town page has over 19,500 followers with an average reach of 250,000 a week.

“I started the Tipp Town page with the intention of keeping people informed and up-to-date with what was going on in the town. We soon realised that it served not just the community of Tipp Town, but those living abroad who wanted to stay in contact with their hometown,” explained Brendan. “The page consists of a variety of different posts and one of the most popular posts is our messages to our inbox where people can anonymously look for recommendations and advice. We have found that people rely on our page in times of crisis. For example: updates on weather warnings, trees down, car accidents and of course Covid. At Christmas we ran ‘Countdown Giveaways’ in conjunction with many of the local businesses in the area and we are great believers in being positive about our town and focusing on what it has to offer while striving for improvement. It is a fabulous town, and it has so much going for it… not least the people of the town.”

As the page grew Brendan decided to look for someone else to join him on the administration team and on the 18th of October 2018, Josephine Carroll was added. Josephine is the Service Coordinator, South Tipperary services for the Irish Wheelchair association and works on the page mainly at evenings and weekends.

“When I came on board in 2018, I never imagined how big the page would grow and develop. I don’t think either of us did. People seem to like what we post, our positive outlook and of course we do have a bit of banter on the page. We post things we think people will find funny, local writers, musicians and clips that we hope will entertain people. Brendan had the insight to see that a page like this was needed in the town and we can safely say it now covers Tipp Town, the hinterlands and beyond, said Josephine.”

Brendan Lonergan and Josephine Carroll Tipp Town FB page. The page was set up in 2016

Brendan grew up in Canon Hayes Park and has a history of serving his town. Formerly a Councillor, a Mayor of Tipperary Town and Administrator at the Tipperary Chamber of Commerce, he is a true supporter of his beloved St. Michael’s AFC and can be seen in all weathers selling tickets for them in- between the two banks every Friday.

“The page can take up quite a bit of time as we get a large volume of messages on a daily basis, and we try to be as up-to-date and as relevant as possible with news. Josephine and I get on very well and communicate with each other especially if we are not going to be around so the other can keep a closer eye on the page. We have had many deeply personal messages to the page and people know they can trust us not to speak about what they send in or that their identity will be divulged. We have had people who have texted us purely because they have been lonely and wanted someone to talk to and we have provided that comfort,” added Brendan.

These two individuals give their free time to offer this wonderful service to thousands of people and with what reward?

“It’s nice when strangers come up to me or people I barely know and take the time to stop and say how much they enjoy the page and how much it has helped them through lockdown,” said Brendan. “A woman said to me one day that during lockdown we were the only contact she had and that we were a credit to the town.”

“We have helped people get jobs, establish Businesses and we get really nice messages every so often. It’s a unifying force for people and at the end of the day we are a close-knit community in Tipperary Town,” added Brendan.

“We aren’t perfect,” says Josephine, “We are only human, but we do our best and I am proud to be associated with a community- based project that serves Tipperary people and businesses with intentions only to help and promote the town and hinterland.” Check out the page on Face Book @TippTownPeople and Instagram @tipp_ town.

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