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Tipperary Barracks could have been major tourist attraction

Published 1 week ago 16th July 2021 by Caitriona Kenny

The Tipperary Military Barracks, close to Tipperary Railway Station, was one of the most ornate to be built in Ireland during the British occupation. It was designed between 1872 & 1874, built between 1874 & 1878 and cost £25,000.

In its former glory – Barrack Square, Tipperary Barracks

At the start of The Great War in 1914 the number of troops stationed in Tipperary Town rose above 4000 and rose as high as 10,000, as the Tipperary Barracks was used as a Posting Area to muster and train new drafts of troops destined for the war in France.

More information on the Tipperary Barracks may be found in Walter S. O’Shea’s 118-page book “A Short History of

Parish Records 1916-1926, extracts from official regimental records 1895-1922 written in Tipperary, a list of regiments stationed at the barracks, the raising and training of the 16th Irish Division, which had its HQ in Tipperary throughout World War 1, events in and around Tipperary Town during the Easter Rising of 1916 and the Irish Civil War from 1920 to the leaving of British troops in 1922. The book is published by the author, with typesetting and design by Phoenix Publishing, Rosegreen, Cashel, County Tipperary. You may e-mail the author at

Tipperary Military Barracks (Infantry) 1874-1922”. This book includes annotated architectural plans, photographs of the Barracks, Regiments and Tipperary Town in the Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries, the numbers of army graves in Munster Province 1914- 1922, details of military graves in St. Mary’s Churchyard, Tipperary and in St. John’s Cemetery (Tipperary Hills) 1880-1922, soldier’s basic rates of pay 1831-1922, extracts from St. Mary’s Church of Ireland

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