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The bread and butter of earning a crust

Published 1 week ago 16th July 2021 by Jamie O’Flaherty

A CRACKING book written by a local author may not suggest ways to re-invent the sliced pan but it has advice for teens and school leavers on how to, colloquially, earn a crust. A devoted dad, a son of Tipp, who taught real-life lessons to his children is confident that a book on the bread and butter of earning a living, penned by his daughter, can catapult thousands of today’s teens to security.
Making Millions, How Ordinary Teens Can Transform into High Earners and How You Can Too is the title of Fiona O’Neill’s book

He delights in his belief that the publication can pass on her expertise in assessment and personal development to today’s teens.

Sean O’Neill, a sprightly 81, is happy that the book by Fiona O’Neill can lighten the load of life’s challenges for his grandchildren.

He would also love to see Fiona’s book helping thousands of youngsters to cope with the possible tribulations of joining a workforce.

A cracking insight into life after school and making money, the book, Making Millions, How Ordinary Teens Can Transform into High Earners and How You Can Too, may be a bit late for pensioner Seán.

But his great wish is that it can provide a possible stairway to Heaven on Earth for those finishing their student years.

Seán has particularly high hopes for his seven grandchildren, Fiona’s daughter Alex, Anne-Marie’s children Jack, Katy, Will, Hugo and his Irish-based grandchildren Sophie and Ben, his son Stephen’s seven-year-old twins.

Author Fiona is a Clonmel girl living in Northampton, England.

Her words of wisdom were written for teenagers and graduates keen to start earning, budding entrepreneurs who might be unclear about the range of opportunities on offer.

As the mother of a teen, Fiona is very aware of the difficulties young people may face edging from education to earning a crust.

The latter, she believes is particularly challenging at a time when education is lagging behind monumental changes in the way we work.

“Young people need all the help they can get to read the market and take that first crucial step towards earning a living,” she told The Premier.

With online consumption and engagement at their highest ever, online business is thriving. Jobs disappearing from the high street are reborn online, Fiona’s exciting and very informative book reflects this. The publication lifts the lid on a range of occupations and ways of working that many school leavers and graduates may not have considered.

In 12 information-packed chapters, the book outlines ways of conquering the jobs’ market, telling stories of young people crushing it in fields from eCommerce to social media management to podcasting.

Don’t need to be rich

Jobs would be with top techs or freelancing as bloggers, youtubers or affiliate marketeers. The big plus, Fiona points

out, is that you don’t need to be rich, well-connected or a genius to make any of this happen, the book explains. All you need is an internet connection and a ‘phone or laptop.

Sean O’Neill pictured reading Making Millions, How Ordinary Teens Can Transform into High Earners and How You Can Too, written by his daughter Fiona.

Fiona interviewed young people starting out their careers so there are fine examples of teens making money as entrepreneurs and influencers. Included is advice about creating passive income streams, making decisions about university or work and which apps to use in job hunting.

Fiona is an author and business psychologist and founder of young person career platform Cosmikos. As a frequent guest speaker in schools, she brings a wealth of experience to career advice with her background working for multinationals around the world. She also has a wealth of expertise in assessment and personal development working for corporates from HSBC Banking, to Swift and Dell Corporation.

Making Millions in which a sliced pan is not even mentioned, can brighten up the lives of school leavers with a tasty slice and lots of advice on today’s jobs’ market. It is available from the Market Bookshop in Market Square, Clonmel and also from Amazon.

Fiona is a past pupil of Presentation Convent, Clonmel and University College, Dublin. Fiona was also eager to give a special mention to her late mother Bridie who passed away in 2016.

“My mother Bridie was always interested in education and writing in particular and she was the inspiration for me to take on this project.”

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