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Published 1 week ago 16th July 2021 by Caitriona Kenny

Denis Ryan lives in Fr. Mathew Street, Tipperary Town was born in Tipperary Town and has lived here all his life.

Tipperary Town native Denis Ryan stops for quick chat about the best things about the town. Photo credit: Caitriona Kenny

I feel that the Glen of Aherlow is undersold and should be the biggest tourist attraction in the world, let alone Ireland. The beauty of it – in the summertime and the snow in the winter – you can see the Galtees in the distance from the Cup and Saucer in the Tipperary Hills. Also the Tipperary Barracks should be another tourist attraction. It burnt down in the early 1920’s but the old photographs show an incredible structure. There is an incredible history to the barracks with at one point over 2000 troops – the town must have been buzzing! I walk around this town every day and I see all the closed shops and I believe that in many towns in Ireland the shops are decimated. We need new businesses to start up in the shops and to give them a break from Commercial rates for 1-2 years to give them a chance. The people in Tipperary are very friendly and the pubs and places to eat are great. This is a good town and good people are great for tourists.”

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