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Fantastic Year of Sporting Activities for St Michael’s JBS

Published 1 week ago 16th July 2021 by Caitriona Kenny

Just before the summer break, St. Michaels Junior N.S. proudly raised the Active Schools Flag with special guest Tipperary Senior Hurler Brian Fox.

The aim of the Active Schools Flag initiative is to enable schools to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community. It promotes physical activity in a fun, positive and inclusive way and an ‘Active School’ is a school where physical activity is valued, promoted and enjoyed by all.

Tipperary Senior footballer Brian Fox presented with a framed drawing from a pupil at St Michael’s JBS

“We started each morning with a few laps around the school playground and we held a whole school activity at least once a week,” explained Principal Ms. Siobhán Verdon.

“This was so important this year as our classes were all kept separate due to Covid19, but this was the one occasion during the week that we could all see each other in a very safe environment. We were so lucky to be able to use the fantastic facility of the astro turf in Cooke Park .”

In September, the school held a European Week of Sport where the boys were introduced to a different sport every day with Handball becoming the favourite activity. A ‘12 Days of Fitness’ program was also very popular leading up to Christmas that involved each class participating in different activities throughout the day for 12 days.

“While we were in lockdown, we still managed to keep the boys active by doing a 1KM a day challenge. The boys loved posting photos of themselves out and about. It was so important to keep them moving during this time. We launched our Active Walkway on the day of our Easter holidays, and this was so successful that we won an outdoor speaker for the school. We also had Active Schools Week this term and once again the boys sampled lots of different activities,” said Principal Ms Verdon.

Tipperary Senior footballer Brian Fox at St Michael’s JBS to celebrate a year of sporting activities and to raise the Active Schools Flag

“The highlight of this initiative has to be the day that we raised the Active Flag. We were so lucky to have Brian Fox come to the school to raise the flag and on the day the boys sang our song with lyrics written by our teacher Mr. Keogh called County Call. One of our boys presented Brian with a framed portrait he had drawn, and Brian presented 1st Class with a trophy for winning the title of ‘The Fittest Classroom’. We finished our celebrations with a visit from the ice-cream van.”

“The Active School Flag initiative was a fantastic success. It got all staff and children involved and it was definitely a very positive experience for all. I’d like to especially thank Mr. Keogh and Mr. Whelan who led this initiative and who put so much time and effort into making it a success. We look forward to developing our skills further during the next school year,” added Principal Ms. Verdon.

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