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Take a trip into class, fashion expertise, and old-fashioned customer service

Published 3 weeks ago 01st July 2021 by Editor

Mr. Mister is an established name in the menswear business since 1999. Offering an extensive and up to date collection of quality boys and men’s clothing, Mr Mister ensures it constantly remains representative of key season fashion trends.

If you’ve never visited the Mr Mister stores in Cahir or Cashel, you just have to go. If you’ve never heard or met Val O’Gorman and his truly fabulous staff you need to, it’s a trip into class, fashion expertise, and old-fashioned customer service.

Whether you need a tie or shirt or indeed a full suit or tuxedo, Val has it in spades and with a charm and wit unmatched anywhere else. His experience in the trade makes him a wonderful guide – honest and to the point. On each visit, you’ll find that same warm greeting, but the inventory changes all the time. The constant is tons of stylish gentlemen’s items, snazzy party pieces and top notch customer service. You will always find something to make you smile or to wow your friends.

The eye-catching way Val displays his wares shows his true depth of knowledge and keen creative eye in artistry. It is easy to navigate the shop and enjoyable to check out the different areas. There is a ton of stuff nicely arranged so plan on spending some time here.

At the moment the stores are packed with the latest summer wear and stocked with Confirmation and Holy Communion outfits. Formal wear however is their specialty catering for sizes up to 8XL.

In addition, they offer a complimentary personal shopper service in both stores.

Men’s Wear. Boy’s Wear, First Holy Communion and Confirmation Wear. Men’s Casual Wear and Boy’s Casual Wear. Sizes up to 8 XL. Funeral Suit Hire.
(062) 61622

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