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Tipperary Writers Publish New Book, Around Each Bend

Published 4 weeks ago 30th June 2021 by Caitriona Kenny

The Arts Office of the Tipperary County Council has launched a new book titled, Around Each Bend; a collection of Poetry & Prose by Tipperary writers. The publications features work from forty-eight Tipperary writers including five members of the Tipperary’s Excel Writers’ Group.

Editor and Cahir native Margaret Galvin says, “The collection addresses a wide range of subjects in unique ways that never resort to the clichéd or trite; the personal and telling detail authenticates each reflection.”

The book includes: A Kaleidoscope of Memories by Annette Condon that recalls playing among the coffins in the family pub, grocery and undertaking business.

John Keogh’s ‘At Nana and Bud’s’ depicts crossing town to spend the weekend with beloved grandparents with his pyjamas in a Quinnsworth bag.

A grandmother puffing on a Woodbine cigarette, ‘Woodbines and Tall Tales’, is lovingly evoked by Bernie Condon, as are packets of Marietta biscuits in the travelling shop operated by Breda Joyce’s father. The local and personal is elevated to the universal.

An exquisite sequence of poems addresses grief and death in an unflinching manner. Patricia Cantwell does not look away from the rice-paper skin or morphine drip in Requiem. Laura Cotter’s final goodbye in Ardmayle Cemetery is all our leave-taking – For Eamonn.

But if there’s grief here, there’s romance and music too. Mary O’Gorman plays the jukebox in Mick’s chipper in The Music Man and Geraldine Du Berry’s grandmother laments the death of Elvis in The King is Dead! Long Live the King!

The discovery of a fox fur in a closet leads Joan Morrissey to wistful thoughts in Fox Fur and in the title poem, Richard Cahill describes how his parents, conducting their courtship in the 1930s, cycled from opposite ends of the county to Rendezvous in Cashel.

The final word of hope and continuity is left to Trish McHale who in her poem, ‘Next Year’, assures us that that ‘yellow flower’ the daffodil will indeed return, in its time, season after season.

Copies of the book can be purchased for €10 by contacting Tipperary County Council or by phone at 0761 06 6304 or 0761 06 5800.

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